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Thread: QT Deployment Over BBB using Ubuntu Machine

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    Default QT Deployment Over BBB using Ubuntu Machine

    Hello All !!

    I’m trying designing a Qt project, my machine is Ubuntu 14.04 under VMware and Remote Machine is BBB debian installed,

    facing a error message while building

    Error Message is:
    “stdin: is not a tty
    /home/debian/testi: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    Application finished with exit code 127.”

    i tried google but didn't get anything usefulness
    please suggest the necessary steps for removing the error,

    My Machine has QT Creator 3.1.2 , QT 5.3.1 (32 bits)
    Remote Machine Configuration QT Creator 2.5.0, Qt 4.8.2(32 bits)

    feel free to ask anything about the setup

    Sonu Verma

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    Default Re: QT Deployment Over BBB using Ubuntu Machine

    Looks like a mismatch in the C++ runtime version.
    Have you built the program using the target platform's compiler?
    If not, have you checked it is the same compiler as on the development machine?


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