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Thread: Removing the unused plugins in the .pro file

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    Default Removing the unused plugins in the .pro file

    Hi all,

    I'm using a static build of QT library.
    I have a pro file where no plugins specified for the QTPLUGIN variable.
    When i generate project file with qmake -tp vc there is .cpp file generated with Q_IMPORT_PLUGIN macroses.
    There are the following plugins:

    Qt Code:
    1. #include <QtPlugin>
    2. Q_IMPORT_PLUGIN(AccessibleFactory)
    3. Q_IMPORT_PLUGIN(QMinimalIntegrationPlugin)
    7. Q_IMPORT_PLUGIN(QJp2Plugin)
    8. Q_IMPORT_PLUGIN(QMngPlugin)
    9. Q_IMPORT_PLUGIN(QTgaPlugin)
    10. Q_IMPORT_PLUGIN(QTiffPlugin)
    11. Q_IMPORT_PLUGIN(QWbmpPlugin)
    12. Q_IMPORT_PLUGIN(QWebpPlugin)
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    I don't need image plugins so i want to remove them and it is better for me to specify the particular plugins in .pro file.
    According to documentation it is a default plugins set.
    When i try to disable it using QTPLUGIN.platforms = - the list remains the same.
    QTPLUGIN.platforms = qminimal also doesn't change anything.
    Maybe there is QT_PLUGIN_CLASS.<plugin> variable which responsible for that but i didn't found any description for that variable.

    SO how could i remove particular plugins from the list?

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    Default Re: Removing the unused plugins in the .pro file

    Delete their entries from the cpp file. You are not going to call qmake with "-tp vc" param again so the list will not be regenerated.
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