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Thread: Hide parents in QSortFilterProxyModel if they don't match

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    Default Hide parents in QSortFilterProxyModel if they don't match

    Hi. i have a treeview. What I need is to hide parents if they don't match but their child do. As I guess it leads to tree reconstruction - changing parent of visible children. How is it better to do it?
    Currently I have this, but of course it does show parents if children matches

    Qt Code:
    1. bool TreeFilteredModel::filterAcceptsRow(int sourceRow, const QModelIndex &sourceParent) const
    2. {
    3. bool ret = false;
    4. QModelIndex subIndex = sourceModel()->index(sourceRow, 0, sourceParent);
    5. WorkflowTreeItem* item = (WorkflowTreeItem*)subIndex.internalPointer();
    6. int childCound = sourceModel()->rowCount(subIndex);
    7. if (subIndex.isValid())
    8. {
    9. for (int i = 0; i < childCound; ++i)
    10. {
    11. ret = ret || filterAcceptsRow(i, subIndex);
    12. }
    13. }
    14. ret |= (item->command()->getName().contains(m_commandSearchParameter, Qt::CaseInsensitive) && item->command()->getName().contains(m_textSearchParameter, Qt::CaseInsensitive));
    15. return ret;
    16. }
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    Default Re: Hide parents in QSortFilterProxyModel if they don't match

    As far as I remember filtering is done recursively, if you reject the parent, its children are not tested at all. So it seems your filtering boils down to checking if items match. If not, children will not be checked at all.
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