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Thread: Newbie here with QT SQL vs Cloud questions

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    Default Newbie here with QT SQL vs Cloud questions

    I'm looking at using QT for the first time. I've programmed in a few languages like PHP, some C++, etc.

    My application will be windows desktop based but need android tablet and phone support as well. I've never considered cloud data storage but have done quite a bit of SQL. Is QT capable of cloud? Is there someplace I can read up on the which to use in a QT business application?

    Thanks for any advice

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    Default Re: Newbie here with QT SQL vs Cloud questions

    "Cloud" doesn't mean anything specific, it is a marketing term.

    It can be anything from online storage to rentable server farms, potentially servers which run SQL databases.

    The Qt Company has a "Cloud" service offer and appropriate Qt API for it. You could check if it supports SQL databases.


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