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Thread: Does a simple QwtPlot need Qt5PrintSupport.dll?

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    Default Does a simple QwtPlot need Qt5PrintSupport.dll?

    It is not an urgent question but I am kind of curious.

    I made a simple QwtPlot application,
    however, in order to start it from my release folder I also need
    Qt5PrintSupport.dll although I did not implement any print functionality.

    Is it the way it should be or do I misunderstand something?


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    Default Re: Does a simple QwtPlot need Qt5PrintSupport.dll?

    QwtPlot itself doesn't need it, but QwtPlotRenderer has this dependency for PDF export or - of course - printing.

    The implementation of QwtPlotRenderer disables this code depending on QT_NO_PRINTER - so in case you are on an embedded system, where you like to get rid of it you could build Qt without printer support. Otherwise you would have to patch the code in qwt_plot_renderer.cpp - simply replaceing "#ifndef QT_NO_PRINTER" by "#if 0".


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