This is an oddity somewhat Qt related and a bit Linux related. Qt 5.4.x from the current .run file for Linux.

Qt application with a WatchDog process that does some setup/environment things via various sub-processes, then does a QProcess exec() on the actual process which tosses up a QWebview and a few other things. Since it is a graphical application being launched from .desktop file in the autostart directory for a specific user.

Initially built this on Ubuntu 12 32-bit and it deploys to 32-bit just fine.

This morning built the code on Ubuntu 15 32-bit and tried deployment to 64-bit (yes, we package many libraries to accomplish this). The WatchDog loaded and launched the real application. That application died with a bunch of errors along the lines of the following:

file '/home/blah/.config/pulse/cookie': No such file or directory

These are all directories which I can see exist and they are all hidden stuff related to pulse. Ownership and permissions on the files and directories look fine.

Is there a known difference between how the QProcess execute() works on 15 vs. 12? If so, is there more information I can stuff into the QProcess object to make this work? Right now it looks as if one of two things are happening: 1) running under a different user 2) simply not inheriting the environment.