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Thread: default argument compiler warning

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    Default default argument compiler warning

    quick question:

    I've got a func
    int send(const QString command, QString& response = QString());

    my compiler says:
    non-standard: default argument: converting from class QString in calss QString&

    inside the func I have
    if (response.isNull())
    return 0;
    to check for the default argument.

    what's wrong, and how should I define the default argument? is at all it important?

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    Default Re: default argument compiler warning

    Try this:
    Qt Code:
    1. int send(const QString& command, const QString& response="" );
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    The problem in your code is that the second paramter is a reference but not const, and you can't have temp initialization on non const reference.
    Note that I changed both to const reference, its more efficient that way.

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