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Thread: Qt C++ UX developer

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    Default Qt C++ UX developer


    we are looking for competent Qt C++ UI developers QML abilities are a strong plus.
    You should have few years of experience, be fluent in C++ and Qt.
    The work is in automotive applications and systems, mostly on (embedded) linux but not only.
    The position is in Munich Germany. (German is NOT a must, we are a very international team)
    We are no B.S company, flat organized and who love to develop with Qt and also contribute to Qt.
    If you feel you are up for the challenge, contact me here or visit

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    Default Re: Qt C++ UX developer

    Hi, my name is Marcin, I'm a Europe-based (Poland) UI designer / front-end developer specialized in creating interfaces for compiled-type of software, and Qt framework is by far my favorite environment for creating stunning interfaces both for mobile, desktop and embedded systems.

    Offer instantly caught my attention becouse automotic interfaces are my personal ultimate challange. I even done some research on dashboard design ( ) and contact companies specializes in such a projects. Unfortunately I was informed that the industry is dominated by the Nvidia solutions and all projects are done in nvidia ui Composer studio, and there is no Qt involved. If you company is about to change then „you have my sword”. Upcoming Qt 5.5 with 3d implementation is a real game changer in my opinion.

    In my portfolio (** )* there are several projects using both QtWidgets and QML language which I mastered to the level that allowes me to create even the most complex UI elements.
    My experience is more than 8 years of active work in which I was designing and developing UI solutions for projects ranging from video games,* up to highly specialized software, oriented on data processing.
    Strong design background gives me an advantage over competition and makes me very sensitive over the faithful reproduction of graphic design in the code.
    If you are interested in my services feel free to contact me by:

    skype: t15szary
    of phone: +48 518 453 898

    Martin ZajÄ…c

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    Default Re: Qt C++ UX developer

    Don't waste your time here guys.. this company is full of BS. They just want bonded labor.

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