We are having one embedde device which doesn't contians any display hardware i.e no LCD

Is it possible to run Qt Application in such type of embedded device?

If our application doesn't contain any GUI class then it is running fine.

But if GUI class was used in the application then it is not running in the device.

We are using QCoreApplication in place of QApplication,
but we have to use QPainter class, so it's compiling but throwing run time error.

We are tryiing in many, like following :
1) Setting DISPLAY=0.0 even though it is not running

2) We have tried to use QApplication app(argc, argv, false) in place of QApplication(argc, argv)
eventhough it's not running.

Please guide us, this is possible or not ?
If yes, then where and what we should have to change
1) Kernel or sysroot,
2) Building Qt
3) Qt application
4) Or any other things

If possible then provide us some document/link.