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Thread: PlainTextEdit's position indicated by it's viewport's position

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    Default PlainTextEdit's position indicated by it's viewport's position

    Qt Code:
    1. QPlainTextEdit* edit = new QPlainTextEdit(this);
    2. QRect* rect = new QRect(100, 400, 200, 80);
    3. edit->setGeometry(*rect);
    4. QPoint test = edit->viewport()->mapToGlobal(edit->viewport()->pos());
    5. qDebug() << test.x() << " " << test.y();
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    Simple code; It will display "102 402" instead of "100 400" since it is the viewport's position, not widget position. I need to get the position of the whole widget, not the viewport.
    In my code, I have a pointer to viewport though and need to get the widget's position using this.
    The question is how to get rid of these 2 pixels. Just decreasing test.x and test.y by 2 is not a good idea since I believe this value is not constant for every PlainTextEdit widget.

    Nevermind, made this post too fast. Managed to find out it on my own. Sorries.
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    Default Re: PlainTextEdit's position indicated by it's viewport's position

    edit->pos() is returning 100,400.
    Thanks :-)

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