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Thread: Sync QScrollArea scrollbar and QTableWidget scrollbar

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    Default Sync QScrollArea scrollbar and QTableWidget scrollbar


    i have a qscrollarea and a qtablewidget on a form. In the qscrollarea there is a widget which is bigger than the form, so the scrollarea shows the scrollbars. What i want is, when i move the scrollbar of the tablewidget, that the scrollbar of the scrollare also moves synchronously.

    I've tried this
    Qt Code:
    1. connect(tablewidget->horizontalScrollBar(), SIGNAL(valueChanged(int)), scrollArea->horizontalScrollBar(), SLOT(setValue(int)));
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    but the scrollarea bar moves only small steps while the tablewidget is already at the end. Is there another way to keep two scrollbars in sync?

    Thank you.


    Additionally i want the qscrollarea (i think it is the viewport) have always the same width as the tablewidget (viewport). How can i do this.
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