Hi everyone!
I'm new to QT. I'm having problems connecting FFTW library to the project.

Here are some of my pro file:


//win32: LIBS += -L$$PWD/FFTW/libs/ -llibfftw3-3
//unix: LIBS += -L$$/usr/lib/ -lfftw3_threads -lfftw3
//unix: LIBS += -L$$PWD/sw/lib/ -lfftw3_threads -lfftw3
//LIBS += -L$$PWD/sw/lib/ -lfftw3_threads -lfftw3 -lm -lstdc++

Project compiles and runs on a mac, but not on Android (
/Users/way/file.cpp:9: error: undefined reference to 'fftw_plan_with_nthreads'
/Users/way/file.cpp:42: error: undefined reference to 'fftw_free'
.. 25 errors(
I think that is not visible methods of the library, right?
Please help to fix it) Why not see the methods of the library ???