Hello everybody,

first of all I am new to this forum and i hope this thread is posted in the right section.
At the moment I try to use C++/CX in my qt project. This project is build with Visual Studio 2012.
Because of the fact, that multiply people should be able to use that plugin, the settings to use c++/cx should be defined in the .pro file.

Here you see the settings that has to be set in .pro file. Since I am new to Qt I did not find anything how I can solve that problem.

c++/cx is maybe for those relevant, who want to get Data of GPS sensors, which cannot access over QSerialPort. This is an issue on certain Windows Devices. Those Sensors also cannot be accessed with QPositionInfoSource. C++/cx giving me a Option but if I cannot define those properties, I do not know how usefull this plugin will be.

Thanks to everybody!