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Thread: ListView - ListView communication

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    Default ListView - ListView communication

    Dear Sirs and Madams!

    I have two ListView's, let say, ListView A and ListView B. Now, lets say I select item from ListView A and then ListView B pops up. The problem is, how do I know in ListView B, which item was pressed (its index) in ListView A or better, how do I address ListView A's model in ListView B to get item?

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    Default Re: ListView - ListView communication

    You can
    - address ListView A's currentItem
    - address ListView A's current index
    - let ListView A's delegate when it is clicked, store its index in a property accessible to ListView B

    If the model used by ListView A has an id that is also visible for ListView B then you can just access it.
    If the id is not visible to ListView B, then you could store it in a property that ListView B has access to.


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