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Thread: Qt-Qml static build problem

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    Default Qt-Qml static build problem

    Hello, I downloaded latest Qt Creator 3.5.1, installed it, with source files.

    Then I followed this guide:

    everything went well, and I managed to build static version of my program, it was about ~ 27mb, but problem is when I try to run it on other computers (win7/8/10), when I run it nothing happens ( but checking task manager I can see that process is active, I just don't see any GUI and no errors are reported).

    Any ideas how can I fix this or do I need to provide more info?

    Edit: I tried to make new project -> Qt Widget Application and tried to use same static compile, and it works on other computers ( win 8.1 tested - fresh install), but when I try same with Qt Quick Application, it doesn't work.
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