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Thread: make command gives: Fatal:´FORCE´ does not exist

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    Default make command gives: Fatal:´FORCE´ does not exist

    Hi I´m new in Qt and trying to use the tutorial for Hello program in the book of Blanchette Summerfield.

    So I use the commands:

    qmake -project #This works fine
    qmake hello # Also works fine (Create debug and release folders, and Makefile, Makefile.Debug and Makefile.release files)

    But when a try the command "make" I get:

    Fatal: ´FORCE´ does not exist - don´t know how to make it.

    Note: I already look in the tutorial for qmake tutorial in Qt documentation but with the example there I get the same problem.

    Any body has any idea how to solve the problem???

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: make command gives: Fatal:´FORCE´ does not exist

    What version of Qt? What compiler and toolchain are you using?

    FORCE is a phony target and should not actually exist. Your make utility appears to be a bit unusual.

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