Hi, I have several questions:

1. Question: Yes/No?. It is a right statement? Each thread has it's own function call stack, but all threads share the same memory space?

2. Question: Yes/No?. I have a room, a room can contain 5 persons (threads) and have 3 boxes(simple array). So if a person inherits thread, I should use semaphore for defining how many persons can be in a room? (do not allow 10 persons come to room) and for opening closing boxes should stand mutexes (write/read single array)?

3. Question: Real software situations for using semaphore?

4. Can be a valid situation where two threads can access to the same object(data) at the same time? if yes please provide examples.

5. Real software situations for using: 1 QThread 2. QRunnable + QThreadPool 3. QtConcurrent 4. QProcess

6. Can I make deep copy of QThread?

7. Open source project where would be used Qt multithreading?

Thank you :}