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Thread: PyQt5 button.clicked slot called TWICE, no matter what I do to fix it...

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    Default Re: PyQt5 button.clicked slot called TWICE, no matter what I do to fix it...

    The code is half generated in QtDesigner.

    I have a button called placeImageButton, and am programatically connecting it
    self.toolBox.placeImageButton.clicked.connect(self .placeImage)

    I've tried renaming the button and the slot to obscure names.

    I've tried commenting out connectSlotsByName() call in QtDesigner-generated code.

    The slot gets called twice and has no call stack to find out where from.

    The second call also seems to crash the application when I have a QFileDialog.getOpenFileName() call in it and the user clicks 'Cancel'.

    This is such a bug that my app is useless for now until it is fixed. :'(

    Added after 15 minutes:


    I think I found the bug. I have two instances of GraphicsScene, each making the connection.

    So I have to reroute the call to a mother class that dispatches to the correct GraphicsScene.

    (I have multiple projects allowed open in my app)
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