when building my projects I get flooded with tons of compiler warnings - mostly not from my code, but from Qt itself. Therefore I don't see the important warnings (from my own code).

Most of the warnings are
warning: comparing floating point with == or != is unsafe [-Wfloat-equal]
and among the most notorious Qt classes I find
  • QRect
  • QVector2d
  • QVector3d
  • QVector4d
  • QMatrix4x4
  • QQuaternion

As this QtBug states,
The code is intentional the way it is.
Can I somehow disable compiler warnings generated by Qt code while keeping maximally paranoid error level for my own works?

It actually renders the very idea of compiler warnings useless, if you drown in warnings you cannot get rid of.
It might perhaps a n00b question, as I didn't find much about this problem on the web and in the Qt Bugtracker, so it apparently is'nt a problem to most people.

My Environment:
  • Win7
  • Qt Creator 3.5.1,
  • Qt 5.4.2
  • MinGW 4.9.2 32b