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Thread: QWebView Blurs Items Using Animations Or Off Canvas

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    I'm working on an application that serves up content through a WebView. For static content things are always rendered clear and sharp as it would look in a normal browser, but through the WebView this is not always the case. In the WebView, when an effect is applied ( like a menu sliding in from off canvas, or a layer fading in, etc. ), the result is a blurred version of what should be clear.

    Is there something I need to setup on the WebView to allow for these types of things to happen in the view without rendering with the blur?

    Added after 22 minutes:

    Note that I did play around with renderHints, but no combination of turning them off / on fixed the problem. I could see some impact, but it still doesn't look correct like it does on Chrome for example.

    Added after 51 minutes:

    A todo I had was to switch QWebView out for QWebEngine for other reasons and I wanted to also see if it would resolve the render issue, and sure enough it does. So the resolution here in my case was to switch to QWebEngine, though I would be interested to know if there is a solution using QWebView.
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