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Thread: Turn Based Android Multiplayer Game

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    Default Turn Based Android Multiplayer Game

    Hello guys.
    Could you please help me pinpoint what I should do to easily start creating a turn based online multiplayer android game. My game is a variation of a tic-tac-toe game, wherein a player is automatched with another . All other stuff such as ad placements, leaderboards, achievements, etc. can wait. What I only want is what are the best possible Qt integrations that I can have with this, and what are the best game servers that I can easily use for this project.

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    Default Re: Turn Based Android Multiplayer Game

    There is no magic QMultiplayerOnlineGameServer or Client class if that is what you are expecting. The task in front of you looks like this (order may vary):
    • Design game logic
    • Design communication protocols
    • Design client
    • Design server
    • Build client using Qt or other libraries as appropriate
    • Build server using Qt or other libraries as appropriate
    • Host server somewhere
    • Distribute client
    • Profit?

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