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Thread: UI text to char

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    Default UI text to char

    Hello newbie here.

    I am having trouble converting a simple text within the UI to Char. My goal is to submit text in the UI which will be sent to a usb to rs 485.

    I have no trouble sending text directly from within the code, but I would like to send my component different commands from within the UI on the fly.

    Here is the snippet of code giving me problems.
    Qt Code:
    1. QString Motor_Command_;
    4. Motor_Command_ = ui->MotorCommandText->toPlainText().toLocal8Bit().constData();
    8. char TxBuffer[] = {Motor_Command_};
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    The error I get:

    error: cannot convert 'QString' to 'char' in initialization
    char TxBuffer[] = {Motor_Command_};

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    Default Re: UI text to char

    You are doing a double conversion there, potentially lossy.

    First you encode the QString returned by toPlainText() with the 8-bit codec used for local encoding (toLocal8Bit()), then you convert back to QString using UTF-8 (when assigning to the QString variable).

    If your low-level API required a char*, then first get the encoded form as a QByteArray and then send its constData().

    Qt Code:
    1. const QByteArray data = ui->MotorCommandText->toPlainText().toLocal8Bit();
    2. low_level_write(data.constData(), data.size());
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