I'm using Qt version 5.5.1 from windows 8.1.
When I run qtserialport terminal example (http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qtserialport-t...l-example.html),
program connects to port successfully, but does not receive any data.

But when I close this program and open Hercules_3-2-6 Application (rs232 terminal software), that application read data,
and after close Hercules_3-2-6 application and open terminal example again, this program works and reads data until restarting computer.

I repeat this process many times.

But terminal project does not receive any data after restarting system until port opens one time by Hercules_3-2-6 Application.

Specification of port:
Name: COM3,
Baud Rate: 9600,
Data bits: 8,
Parity: None,
Stop bits: 1,
Flow control: None