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Thread: Connecting qprocess and qprogressdialogue

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    Default Connecting qprocess and qprogressdialogue

    I am having a problem with something that is so blindingly obvious I can't see it!
    I want to connect a running external process to a progress dialogue that closes when the process finishes, or by pressing the cancel button on the dialogue stops the process.
    Program so far:

    Qt Code:
    1. void MP3collection::normalise()
    2. {
    3. if ( check4normalise() )
    4. {
    5. infoWarnError(INFORMATION, nice("Normalise"), nice(QString("%1 already normalised").
    6. arg(ui->lbl_selection->text())));
    7. return;
    8. }
    9. QString file, cmd;
    10. QProcess *proc = new QProcess(this);
    11. QProgressDialog *dlg = new QProgressDialog("Normalisation", "Cancel",0,0);
    12. dlg->setModal(Qt::WindowModal);
    13. file = QString("%1/%2.mp3").arg(currentDir, ui->lbl_selection->text());
    14. cmd = "lame";
    15. args.append("--scale");
    16. args.append("2");
    17. args.append(file);
    18. args.append(tmpFile);
    19. proc->start(cmd, args);
    20. connect(proc, SIGNAL(finished(int,QProcess::ExitStatus)), this, SLOT(procEnd(int)));
    21. // proc->waitForFinished(); /// Including this leaves blank previous dialogues.
    22. dlg->exec();
    23. connect(proc, SIGNAL(finished(int)), dlg, SLOT(close())); /// These don't seem to work
    24. connect(dlg, SIGNAL(finished(int)), proc, SLOT(kill())); /// ditto
    25. }
    27. void MP3collection::procEnd(int i)
    28. {
    29. //It would be nice to close the dialogue here but it doesn't know about [I]dlg[/I] of course.
    30. qDebug()<<i;
    31. // close();
    32. }
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    The program runs and the process works as expected. I cannot stop the process and the dialogue remains after the process has finished requiring the cancel button.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Connecting qprocess and qprogressdialogue

    Quote Originally Posted by GrahamB View Post
    Qt Code:
    1. dlg->exec();
    2. connect(proc, SIGNAL(finished(int)), dlg, SLOT(close())); /// These don't seem to work
    3. connect(dlg, SIGNAL(finished(int)), proc, SLOT(kill())); /// ditto
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    1) Why connect after the dialog has finished?
    You want these connections to be available while the dialog is active.

    2) There is no such signal in QProcess
    3) There is no such signal in QProgressDialog


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