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Thread: Qt Essentials certification exam

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    Question Qt Essentials certification exam


    I'm planning to prepare and pass the Qt Essentials certification exam. Would you please be so kind as to help in the below. Please don't provide any information susceptible to break the integrity of the exam.

    1) Is the exam about Qt C++ widget or QML?
    2) What are the best books to use in the preparation? is there specialized website about that?
    3) Is there a maximum of attempts that one is allowed?
    4) Number of questions? multiple choice or written responses? duration? documentation allowed? estimated time for preparation for a person with 1 year Qt experience?

    Many thanks in advance;


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    Default Re: Qt Essentials certification exam
    1) There was no QML questions on my exam
    2) I think the official Qt documentation is the best source, you can also find some materials here
    3) I don't think so
    4) I think the exam took 1 hour, no written responses. You are not allowed to have any form of help, documentation is definitely not allowed.
    If you feel comfortable with material mentioned in curriculum, then you should not have any problems with the exam.

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