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Thread: Application deployment problem

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    Default Application deployment problem


    I have an issue with deploying my application to the target. My purpose is to have an icon inside the "Applications" and to launch my application by clicking it.
    I created the applicationName.desktop file and put it inside /apps/Applications (attached).
    I created my application as a single executable (qtopia_main) with no errors ( attached), modified the main.cpp as required, setup all the links to 'desktop' and 'pics' inside the .pro file, and put the executable into my target /image/bin directory.
    All the applicationName.png files I placed into the /pics/applicationName/

    Could you please point me to the problem I have launching my application. I can't see the icon of my application inside the target.
    I saw that for other applications (i.e. clock, that built exactly like mine), there is a link that points to 'quicklauncher' inside /bin directory "clock -> quicklauncher". I'm not sure if it related to my problem.

    Please point me out to that problem,

    Thank you in advance,
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