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Thread: Problem with school project, Raspberry & Bigbelly

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    Default Problem with school project, Raspberry & Bigbelly

    So. Hi.
    I have a project where i have to replace the altium card that help to control the Bigbelly ( through an interface (interface that i have but only in .exe format), by a new interface made with Qt while using Qtsocket and by replacing that altium card by a raspberry.
    The actual problem is that i don't know what information i have to send to the raspberry so he could control the bigbelly.
    I can give you the command that help to control the Bigbelly through serial link if needed.
    I'm not sure how to use QT to send the good information even if i know i have to use QtSocket.

    Thanks for all, and i have a nice day

    Edit :
    Right now i'm trying to understand how to send a message when i push a button, i already made slotConnected, slotDisconnected, and ReadyRead fonction.
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