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Thread: Tell the window manager to skip the taskbar (launcher)

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    Default Re: Tell the window manager to skip the taskbar (launcher)


    I hope somebody knows how to do this:

    I want to hide the application icon of my running program from the unity launcher.
    First off: with gtk there is the setting "window.set_property("skip-taskbar-hint", True)" that easily achieves this.
    It asks the window manager to do this and it works (Ubuntu 13.04).
    As of course the window manager is still the same if my program uses Qt (PyQt4), there must be a way to ask the window manager for the same hint.
    Searching, posting and googling haven't brought any results yet, so I thought I'd be best to directly ask where I assume the most informed people to this topic!

    And is there a way to see how exactly the call of the hint in gtk works? I don't mean the documentation (syntax), but how it works deep in code. Perhaps then I could transcribe it...

    Please, if you have any clue, please write it down!

    Greetings, turtle

    Added after 32 minutes:

    OH man I don't know how I found out now, very surprisingly, spend DAYS to figure it out.
    I may be a different way, not sure if this is the äquivalent to gkt's skip-taskbar-hint, but the result is the same!!


    In comparison, if I want to achieve that in Windows(XP,7) if have to set QtCore.Qt.Tool! But that makes nothing under Ubuntu!

    I'm so glad I figured it out... hope it doesn't turn out as a "just-for-the-moment"-solution and keeps working!

    Greetings, turtle
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    Default Re: Tell the window manager to skip the taskbar (launcher)

    You are my hero buddy
    Thank you

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