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Thread: Gif as Background for QListWidget or transparent background

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    Question Gif as Background for QListWidget or transparent background


    Iam trying to add Gif Image as an background for the QListWidget

    Here is my Part of Code to understand what i have done

    Qt Code:
    1. resize(800,600);
    3. myMovie = new QMovie(":/images/icon_gif.gif");
    4. movieLabel = new QLabel(this);
    5. movieLabel->setMovie(myMovie);
    6. myMovie->start();
    8. listWidget = new QListWidget(this);
    9. listWidget->setViewMode(QListView::IconMode);
    10. listWidget->resize(800,600);
    13. sample->setIcon(QIcon(":/images/shutdown.png"));
    14. sample->setText("Sample");
    15. sample->setTextAlignment(Qt::AlignHCenter);
    17. listWidget->addItem(sample);
    18. listWidget->setItemWidget(sample,movieLabel);
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    The Gif image was not displaying in background with the animation that it contains

    and the output is Screenshot.jpg

    OR else how can i make a QListWidget Transparent so that i will be able to see the components that are present behind it.

    Please Guide me,

    Thanks in advance,
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