Qt 5.5 cross compiled for Raspbian with touch screen. Application using eglfs directly, no window manager like X and no touch driver loaded per

udevadm info --name=/dev/input/event3 --attribute-walk

(first 2 USB ports are mouse and keyboard during development, hence event3 for touch screen)

Basically a customized version of the drag and drop example using QLabels with pixmaps. Compiled on Ubuntu 14.04 32-bit it runs perfectly on desktop.

Cross compiled for Raspberry and touching a label to drag causes the image to be displayed at the top of the display only half visible. It does not visibly drag down the screen to the drop location. The drop does actually happen though and image displays in correct widget. (I don't use the drop position for display, calculate one based on how many items in the widget.)

The other thing which happens after the half displayed image at the top of the screen...All of the screen text which had been set to white using a QPalette and QBrush now becomes black 100% of the time.

Does anyone have a work around or a patch?