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Thread: How to synchronize/get data from server?

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    Question How to synchronize/get data from server?

    Hello everyone!

    I have been doing a really small app for myself (hobby).
    Is it possible to get data from some webpage or server? For example, by pressing the PULL button I want to get live currency rates from some website (e.g. and put them into my inputs...

    Is it possible? Can you give me some hints how to do this?

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    Default Re: How to synchronize/get data from server?

    Often the developers of these sites have implemented an API for this purpose, using SOAP, JSON or some similar protocol. The site you give has such an API:, but it isn't free. There are some free ones out there.

    Qt has classes for implementing JSON-based protocol. SOAP is XML-based, and Qt has XML classes too. And classes for HTTP communication with servers. Look at the examples and tutorials that came with your Qt installation.
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