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Thread: QGraphicsScene QPixmap background

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    Question QGraphicsScene QPixmap background

    Hi All,

    I am trying to load a pixmap as a background for a QGraphics scene using this code:

    QString backGround = ":/Scope.png";

    My scene size is 500 x 500. When I set the scene with 0,0 at topleft and 500,500 height width, the background image displays properly.
    ( scopeScene->setSceneRect(0,0,500,500); )

    But I need to offset the scene coords using "scopeScene->setSceneRect(-250,-250,500,500); " so that it extends from -250 to 250 instead of 0 - 500.

    When I do that, the background image is offset wrong and looks like each quadrant gets a different piece of the image, instead of one continuous image.

    How do I offset the screneRect and still load the background image centered in my view?

    Thank you in advance,


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    Default Re: QGraphicsScene QPixmap background

    You can customise how the background brush is drawn in QGraphicsScene::drawBackground((). You probably want the QGraphicsView version of these functions, or a different viewport widget, if you want to keep the image in the view.

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