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Thread: what shoudl I do if I can not find an interface of Activex with qaxobject

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    Question what shoudl I do if I can not find an interface of Activex with qaxobject

    For example, Activex A has a function called "x",
    now I try to use it through mapping Activex A to Qaxobject. And I can not find the interface"x" with "dynamicCall".

    My question is whether I could do something to find the missing interface.
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    Default Re: what shoudl I do if I can not find an interface of Activex with qaxobject

    If you are calling "x" properly, through a COM object that implements and interface that contains a method or property "x", then it will be found. If your COM object implements the IOleObject interface, then QAxBase::verbs() will return a string list of the verbs that the object can execute through that interface. The QAxBase::propertyBag() returns a map that contains the names of all of the properties that can be read/written through the object. I do not know if there is a mechanism through QAxObject / QAxBase to get a list of all of the interfaces, methods, and properties exposed by an ActiveX object. However, you can always use QAxBase::queryInterface() to get a raw interface pointer and use COM methods directly to interrogate the object (in the same way the OLE/Com object viewer does.

    The OLE/Com object viewer will tell you what objects, interfaces, and methods are exposed by your COM DLL.

    I suspect that your dynamicCall is failing because of one or more of the following:

    - "x" doesn't exist in the interface(s) exposed by your QAxObject
    - you are calling it incorrectly
    - the parameters you are passing are incorrect
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