Hi everybody!

My name is Eduardo and I begin letting you know I'm totally new to Qt.
I'm starting a drone project based on Ardupilot and trying to build it using Qt Creator, following this instructions . I'm working with Ubuntu, BTW.
You've probably find this stupid (cause it probably is), but I'm not able to set up the compiler (in spite of having the instructions):
As suggested, i downloaded the compiler from here, and tried to follow the instructions but after choosing a custom compiler in 'Build & Run', the 'Make path' is driving me crazy and I have no idea of which path is that (in other words, the equivalent to the file 'make.exe' in Windows), since there doesn't seem to be anything similar in the compiler and it doesn't seem to refer to the Makefile of the project
Hope anyone can help me, as you've surely noticed, I'm pretty new to big, real projects and also to Linux itself.
Thanks in advance,