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Thread: Qt Creator shows disassembler when debugging

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    Default Qt Creator shows disassembler when debugging

    Hi everyone!

    When I try to debug with Qt Creator it always stops first at disassembler. Only after a few F5s it goes to the breakpoints that I put in code.

    I had installed Qt 5.7 and then I tried the 5.6 version but it doesn't solve the problem. I also updated W7 to W10 but the problem remains. I found a few similar situations online but I wasn't able to solve my problem anyways.

    I have also installed Visual Studio 2010 on my computer. Can I take advantage of this to solve my problem? Besides, I see that it's possible to integrate Qt with VS but I didn't really understand the point. Is it because VS debugger is better and it's possible to use it within Qt Creator?

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