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Thread: How to fix Plot Marker Label displaying outside of frame/ canvas

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    Default How to fix Plot Marker Label displaying outside of frame/ canvas

    I have a plot marker that I want to put a label on. The label is 3 lines (marker #, x coor, y coord). The bottom line is always inside the canvas/ plot window, but the top 2 lines go outside the frame and cannot be seen if the point is close to the y limits of the canvas. I'm not sure how to fix this, I've tried changing the alignment and it doesn't seem to help.

    QwtPlotMarker *temp = marker;

    QString label;
    label.sprintf("Marker %d\nX: %.2f\nY: %.2f", i+1,xVal, yVal);
    QwtText text;

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    Default Re: How to fix Plot Marker Label displaying outside of frame/ canvas

    Unfortunately there is no public API, where you can modify the bounding rectangle of the label text - all what you have is to overload QwtPlotMarker::drawLabel.
    But the implementation of QwtPlotMarker::drawLabel is no rocket science and you can simply copy out the code to your overloaded method and somehow include the canvas rectangle,


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