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Thread: Using a custom built Qt in Qt Creator

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    Default Using a custom built Qt in Qt Creator


    We need to have a custom built version of Qt. Specifically Qt 5.6.1 with target windows: MSVS 2012/64bit, with the compiler switch -MD NOT -MDd …. Yes I know unusual compiler switch but what is required to develop dlls for a third part package.

    So we can build the libs fine, and use them if we stick with cmake/nmake.

    But when we try to use the libs inside Qt Creator we have major issues:

    First I have created a qt.conf file and placed it in my libs bin dir the file looks like:
    PREFIX = D:/users/MyName/QT/5.6.1/5.6.1_debug <- location of our custom build
    ARCHDATA = .
    DATA = .
    DOCS = doc
    HEADERS = include
    LIBS = lib
    PLUGINS = plugins
    LIBEXECS = bin
    BINS = bin
    TESTS = tests
    IMPORTS = imports
    QML = qml
    TRANSLATIONS = translations
    SETTINGS = translations
    Now to reinforce the -MD switch we add QMAKE_CFLAGS += -MD to the .pro file in the Qt Creator project.

    This allows creator to think our libs are “valid”, and the build aspect of Creator works … well sort of. For some reason Qt Creator feels a need to convert -MD to -MDd … very bad.

    How do I maintain -MD (... this is sort of a hybrid debug mode in a release build... I know ugly but required for the 3'rd party)

    My hunch is in a need to have a custom QMAKE_SPEC? Is this the right direction to go? Ideas?


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    Default Re: Using a custom built Qt in Qt Creator

    My approach would also have been to try with a custom mkspec instead of trying to set QMAKE_CFLAGS in .pro
    The configure a kit that used that mkspec and use that kit to configure the project


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