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Thread: Where to find 3rd Party/Open source Qt Widgets applications

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    Wink Where to find 3rd Party/Open source Qt Widgets applications

    Hi there friends from the Qt community. I have been working on a Qt widgets 5.7 interface which is c++ based. Currently I'm trying to add to the main window some widget such as a calendar, digital clock, weather application or other widget I have not yet looked into or thought about. As a newbi in Qt I'm at the point where I can't write an application from scratch and neither do I know enough Qt as to be able to customize a plain basic widget with some of the functionality I need. I have spent a combined of around 30 hours researching on git repositories, and trying different search engines to see if I find something suitable that I can merge into this interface I'm working on. I would really appreciate if I could get some feedback on projects or websites I can use to find the application or code I need in order to make a nice home screen.

    Here is an example of the best project I have found:
    I could potentially embed it in my home screen but I need to learn to customize it so that it fits the style of my interface. This is something I don't yet know how to do so I'm expecting to be able to find something better. Thanks for any help in advance.

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    Default Re: Where to find 3rd Party/Open source Qt Widgets applications

    There is "linux-apps" (formerly qt-apps). Drill down into the Qt Programs -> Qt Widgets area from the menu. There are also Qt-based apps scattered in other sections from which you might be able to extract useful widgets.

    qinclude has a huge number of Qt-based tools and libraries.

    And KDE is entirely built using Qt.

    You can go mining in any of those projects for a wealth of useful things. In some cases, a standalone widget is easy to pull out, other times it is all tied up with other dependencies, which you may or may not want to drag into your project. Good libraries shouldn't really require you to drag everything in just to use a small part of it, in my opinion.
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