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Thread: Android Widget / Windows Live Tile connection to Qt/Quick Application

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    Default Android Widget / Windows Live Tile connection to Qt/Quick Application

    Can some explain / try how can I connect an Android Widget or a Windows Live Tile to my application so when it changes the data source the Widget and Tile get the data from that new source?
    Since I cannot build them with Qt I need to connect them somehow.
    I'm thinking of putting web url into an sqlite table and retrieve it from Widget(but can I access it from Widget?), that or make a file on the filesystem and based on what it's stored in it use to select proper data source. (same solutions for live tile).

    Opened to suggestions.

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    Default Re: Android Widget / Windows Live Tile connection to Qt/Quick Application

    That sounds very platform specific and most likely needs some platform specific API.

    You'll have to ask on platform specific forums what options there are and how to use those from C++, as this is clearly not related to Qt.


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