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    I am using qwt-6.1.3 with Qt5. However, I am encountering strange issues regarding linking the library with Qtcreator. I have placed the INCLUDE and LIBS in the .pro file and I am able to create a simple line graph, but some elements of the library are missing. For example, I cannot use the setSamples method from QwtPlotCurve as it doesn't exist as an option, so I have t use setData instead. Also, some classes are missing such as QwtDate and it's variants, like scale engine/draw.

    Could anyone explain why this might be happening? It seems strange that most of the functionality is available but others are not. If it helps I am developing on a linux platform.


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    Default Re: Qwt Missing Classes

    Try "nm <library> | c++filt | grep ..." to check what is inside your Qwt library. If you find the missing symbols there check if there is a second ( old ) version on your system - maybe from the distro - you access by accident.


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