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Thread: Can I change a QMenu to QAction in Qt Creator?

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    Question Can I change a QMenu to QAction in Qt Creator?


    Within Qt Creator, I don't know how to change a QMenu object to a QAction object.

    From my top menu bar, I would like one object to act as a button instead of a dropdown menu, since there are no submenus for this particular object.

    Reading from various threads, I learned that I need to change my QMenu object to a QAction object.

    I was able to manually edit ui_mainwindow.h and modify it and it works perfectly; but of course, whenever I rebuild from the GUI, I lose my changes.

    Qt Code:
    1. QAction *actionSubmittal_Directory;
    2. actionSubmittal_Directory = new QAction(MainWindow);
    3. actionSubmittal_Directory->setObjectName(QString::fromUtf8("actionSubmittal_Directory"));
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    Any suggestions how to change this in the GUI creator itself?


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    Default Re: Can I change a QMenu to QAction in Qt Creator?

    I think Qt Designer can't place actions into the menu bar.
    But you should be able to do that in code.


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