When building in Qt creator (4.2.0, Qt 5.7.1) for iOS (Xcode 8, iOS 10.2) I get the

Qt Code:
  1. No profiles for 'xxx' were found:-1: error: Xcode couldn't find a provisioning profile matching 'xxx'.
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Error. When I open the project in Xcode, the development team is set to another team than fits the Provisioning profile set in the .plist file. When I change the team there, and build, it works und runs the app on the device. But when I rebuild the app in Qt again, it resets to the wrong team again.

I had this happen in the past and it automagically disappeared, but ever since I've resetted my mac it doesn't seem to work anymore. I find all this is very poorly documented too, all I found about these issues is in some bugtracker issues, but the proposed solutions didn't help.


Also, is there an official documentation about things like QMAKE_XCODE_CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY or how am I supposed to figure out how these work and what's available?