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Thread: How to compile a plugin for custom widget?

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    Default How to compile a plugin for custom widget?

    Hi everybody.
    I 'm trying to follow this tutorial for creating a custom widget (which, from what I understand, is wrapped by a pugin for the Qt Designer to be able to 'see' it).
    My files are at:

    I open a console:
    cd C:\Documents\QtProjects\mycustomwidget

    And so a file named MakeFile is created. It has, at the top: Command: C:\Qt\5.8\mingw53_32\bin\qmake.exe -o Makefile
    I give this command in console, seems like it's doing something, and shows the message: Info: creating stash file C:\Documents\QtProjects\mycustomwidget.qmake.stash

    I open Qt Designer and no new widget is added in it...

    Isn't the procedure I follow the correct one?

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    Default Re: How to compile a plugin for custom widget?

    After running qmake you have to run make.

    qmake generates the build files, in this case a Makefile, another tool, in this case make, processes that to actually build the software.


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