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    I'm going around in circles I think. I wanted to build MuseScore from source (no this is not really about MuseScore), which required a later QT than I had in the distro (at least the Raspberry Pi Ubuntu Mate distro), so I decided to build QT from source, and I keep getting stuck on one aspect.

    Apparently MuseScore requires QWebEngineView (specifically there is an line #include <QWebEngineView>). Slightly older versions required QWebKit (may not have that spelled correctly I no longer have the older version up) but the latest switched, and I see that so did QT.

    So with 5.8 current now, I built it. Strangely no problem, other than a very long time. Built QT Creator so they matched. No problem, it came up, runs, etc. (I have to get some fonts now apparently as I was on 5.5, but I figure I can do that).

    However, no sign of QWebEngineView.

    I've tried lots of variations. I went through the prerequisites carefully and think I have them all.

    Here's my latest:

    Qt Code:
    1. git clone git://
    3. git checkout 5.8
    5. Init: ./init-repository --module-subset=default,-qtwebkit,-qtwebkit-examples
    7. Config: -release -opensource -confirm-license -shared -qt-zlib -qt-libpng -qt-libjpeg -qt-freetype -icu -openssl -qt-xcb -opengl -gui -widgets -skip webkit -nomake examples -nomake tests -prefix /usr
    9. make - j3
    11. sudo make install
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    I got the init from the doc, though it included the webengine, so I dropped that exclusion.

    I've also tried:

    Qt Code:
    1. make -module-qtwebengine
    2. sudo make install -module-qtwebengine
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    That does make some additional programs, shows no errors I can find, but still no QWebEngineView. No where, not even in the build or repository directory.

    Now maybe MuseScore's code is wrong (or is this something deprecated?), but in the examples (e.g. here) there's a qtwebengineglobal.h file instead, and I can't find that anywhere in my copy either. So it's not just a MuseScore thing.

    I feel like I'm missing something fundamental here in the clone/init/configure/build process. Maybe the prerequisites.

    All the online instructions I can find that seem fairly current about building seem to advise not to include webengine even ones that show the required packages, so maybe I am simply failing to do the right init statement. I tried a --module-subset=all but had all sorts of compilation errors then in what appeared to be tests or examples (even with the nomake's if I recall, though I am not 100% sure I remember that right). But that I can do a make for module-qtwebengine and have it work makes me think that's not the issue?

    By the way, the ONLY reason I am doing this is I do not see reasonably current QT build for the Raspberry Pi, and so I plan to build it myself. In fact I have built 5.8 there, it seems to work quite nicely for my existing application. But the above description of issues is on Intel 64 bit (in a HyperV VM). Am I correct that no pre-built downloads (offline or online) are provided by qt for the Pi 3B?

    I'll put the configure output in a separate post just to be complete.

    Ok, can't post the config output as text, it's in the attachment in a text file.

    Added after 1 33 minutes:

    Sigh... I just commented out the include file in MuseScore and it actually still builds and runs. No idea what that means, but...

    I guess I don't need to build QT with the Web Engine.

    However, I would still like to know, if someone can point me in the right direction.

    PS. I fixed the fonts by excluding the -qt-freetype and including -fontconfig, so I (think I) am good there also.
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