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Thread: QT5: How can I set QAction Enabled(false)

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    Default QT5: How can I set QAction Enabled(false)

    How can I use signal and slot in QT5 to disable an item in a system tray menu for 2 minutes ?

    QAction* saveUptime = new QAction("Save uptime", trayIconMenu);
    saveUptime->setIcon(app->style()->standardIcon(QStyle::SP_FileDialogDetailedView) );

    QObject::connect(saveUptime, &QAction::triggered,mainWindow, &MainWindow::saveUptime);

    I can execute this function but I cannot from MainWindow change tray icon menu item

    Tray menu is declared in main.cpp

    int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {

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    Default Re: QT5: How can I set QAction Enabled(false)

    Why are you adding this code to your main routine instead of your MainWindow class?
    I write the best type of code possible, code that I want to write, not code that someone tells me to write!

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