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Thread: QWidget->close() doesn't actually close the QWidget

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    Default QWidget->close() doesn't actually close the QWidget

    I have an application with many windows (QWidgets).

    Particularly, each of these windows is called here SubWindow. Every SubWindow class contains a layout with a MultiEditor *sEditors, which has a menu with an action that closes the current window. Every SubWindow is created within the MainWindow.

    In the SubWindow constructor I have:

    Qt Code:
    1. connect(sEditors, SIGNAL(closeWindow()), this, SLOT(close()));
    2. connect(this, SIGNAL(destroyed()), mainWindow, SLOT(closeWindow()));
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    The code actually works, as the slot closeWindow() is triggered. But the SubWindow doesn't disappear and remains visible.

    Has anybody something to suggest me? I don't understand what actually the problem is (neither hide() seems to work).


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    Default Re: QWidget->close() doesn't actually close the QWidget

    This is strange.

    Are you triggering the closeWindow() slot elsewhere?

    Because destroyed() is a signal of QObject so the widget destructor has already finished by then.
    There should be no visual resource left at this point.


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