in my project I have a custom tree model with custom tree items. Somewhere in the tree item I wrote code that lead to an "index out of range" error in qlist.h as my code was accessing an empty QList.

While working on Windows, I tried running the program in debug mode so that it breaks at the source. This is what I do in such cases and I find the problem quite fast by working through the stack frame. Here this approach didn't work. Instead, the "index out of range" message as well as some "Invalid parameter passed to C runtime function" are printed to the application output pane and a message box appears: "This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way".

The debug mode did NOT break at the line. The program crashes and there is no stack frame for evaluation. When I debugged the program on Linux the debugger broke correctly and I was able to find the problem in seconds.

Why does this fail on Windows? Is there something I have to configure? I'm installed the Qt framework by online installer and installed Qt 5.5.1 with MinGW compiler.