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    Default QGraphicsView Scrolling

    Hello. I've got a few QGraphicsItems inside a QGraphicsView, which has a QGraphicsScene attached to it.
    When I make the window bigger, all of the QGraphicItems get bigger, but the QGraphicsView object does not grow vertically, which means the QGraphicsItems are cut off at the bottom. When I use the mouse wheel inside the QGraphicsView object, I am able to scroll down and see the bottom of the QGraphicsItem objects. I do set the height of the view to a bigger number programmatically, but this does not change the size of the view. I also set the size of the scene to be bigger, no difference.

    The view object is inside a horizontal layout with a horizontal spacer, and then the whole horizontal layout is in a vertical layout on the form.

    What am I doing wrong?


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    Default Re: QGraphicsView Scrolling

    Sounds like something wrong with layout configuration.

    What else do you have in vertical Layout ?

    Is the vertical layout on a Widget directly, or is it in another layout, then you should be tweaking that layout.
    When you know how to do it then you may do it wrong.
    When you don't know how to do it then it is not that you may do it wrong but you may not do it right.

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