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Thread: Qml documents is a JavaScript pure too?

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    Cool Qml documents is a JavaScript pure too?

    I want to know if I can make a ".qml" file a pure javascript text or the only accepted encoding structure in .qml is that of qmake itself?

    Because I need to edit the project modules on my phone as well, however the only editor / compiler is QML Creator (on my Android) which edits all .qml but does not yet have the option to create purely "js" files. In fact I still have to figure out how to insert the images in the ".qml" via this fantastic app!

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    Default Re: Qml documents is a JavaScript pure too?

    I have no idea what you are asking for.

    The text editor of QtCreator is of course capable of handling "js" files, as those are just text files with a "js" extension.

    I also don't see how qmake is in any way relevant for the contents of a QML file.

    Do display images in QtQuick use the Image element.


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