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Thread: installation of QT 5.8 or QT 5.6 & PYQT 5 (python 3)

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    Default installation of QT 5.8 or QT 5.6 & PYQT 5 (python 3)

    I want to install QT 5.8 My system already has PYqt 5 installed . I want to use QtWebEngine . Even though my system has Qt5.5.1 installed but there is no QtWebengine libraries installed.

    I followed this link but it was giving error 'Unable to find file for inclusion qt_parts' when I did qmake -r

    Is there any foolproof way for installing qt 5.8 so that I can import QtWebengineWidgets in python interpreter ?
    I'm using ubuntu 14.04
    I want to install in python virtual environment.
    It's urgent
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